Who we are

Our organizations need interaction to build partnerships, develop projects and sign contracts.

Forté Communication can accompany you at any stage of your growth. Marketing and communication’s goals are to attain objectives. Whether your organization is at its first steps or has been established for years, you will always have goals you want to achieve.

Forté Communication specializes in :
  • Communication and marketing strategies
  • Communication tools and analysis services
  • Writing
  • Change Management
  • Training (public relations, public speaking and communications)
  • Facilitation

Communication Specialist
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Communication is like cooking. A good chef can make great dishes in a small kitchen. A good communicator can create magic in all types of organizations.”
Pascale Paulin

Pascale has worked in the communications field for nearly 25 years. After having completed her studies at Université de Moncton in journalism and communications, she then proceeded to put her talents to good use in various organizations. Forté Communication was born in 2012.

Whether it be non-profits or the private and public sector, rarely do we simply do communications, therefore, I was able to enhance my skills in organizing events, lobbying, animation and built the ability to read an audience,” she explains

For Pascale, good communications start with an in-depth understanding of audiences and the environment that surrounds communications.

We receive a multitude of information every day. To ensure your message is heard it needs to be developed while taking into consideration what the audience is ready to hear and the ambient noise.”

Pascale Paulin also works in the field of change management and group animation.