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Communication strategist

Our organizations need interaction to build partnerships, develop projects and sign contracts.

Forte Communication can accompany you at any stage of your growth.

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  • Strategies

    Communications and social marketing strategies for social media. It's better to plan ahead than to do the work twice!
  • Writing

    Press releases, reports, letters and advertisements. At Forté, we love playing with words. If you find writing heavy or boring, why not reach out to us?
  • Change Management

    Change management planning to ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders.
  • Analysis

    A complete analysis of your communication tools, processes and results. Often, an external look can provide quick solutions and improvements.
  • Training

    Internal communication, creative web content writing, media interactions. One on one and group training, we can help you acquire new skills.
  • Facilitation

    Meetings, stakeholder discussions, events. Whether it be directing traffic or bringing participants to a higher level of thinking, Forté has the resources you need.

Pascale Paulin

Communication is like cooking. A good chef can make great dishes in a small kitchen. A good communicator can create magic in all types of organizations”

- Pascale Paulin