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While we are most often engaged in communicating for others, we also have things to say. And we warn you, it's not always serious. Here's where you can find our mood swings, our thoughts on life and reflections on our profession.
Yes, we agree that in today’s world, it can be plus – or more like a must – for businesses, organizations, and even municipalities to have a strong presence on social media. But – and there’s always a “but” – to be able to succeed with your social media strategy, you need to think it through and plan it out.

Have you made the decision to dedicate yourself to your community and stand as candidate in the municipal elections, education councils or health authorities? Congratulations! We admire your sense of community and commitment. That’s why we are offering you our top tips for using social media simply and effectively throughout the process. We wish everyone a great campaign!

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(according to Literature)
Pronunciation : for-tay (adv.)

Italian word employed in musical terminology.  Used at moments when the sound must be increased.  Substantially. Here is a forte.
Used historically for an instrument named piano-forte, or piano (voy. FORTE-PIANO).

Plural:  forte.
Ital. forte, fort.